Chilaquiles Verdes 8 - 13

Most classsic hangover / brunch dish, corn tortillas soaked in tomatillo sauce, scrambled eggs, with or without rib-eye steak.

Huevos a la Mexicana 8

Organic scrambled eggs, tomato, jalapeño, onions, refried black beans, side of soft corn tortillas.

Huevos Ahogados 10

Two organic eggs simmered and cooked in tomato mild spicy sauce, toasted baguette on a side. Yumm.

Huevos con Tortillas 8

Organic scrambled eggs with tortillas, black beans soup, avocado slices .

Huevos Rancheros 9

Organic sunny side up eggs, refried black beans, covered with a tomato chipotle sauce .

Pancake de Elote 8

Corn Pancakes with double cut bacon, organic butter.

Tacos de Pescado Frito 8

Two fried fish tacos with avocado sauce, sliced hearts of romaine and valentina sauce.

Torta de Pechuga de Pollo 8

Grilled checken breast sandwich, avocado, romaine, black beans and house cured jalapeños.

Aguachile Clasico 9

Traditional Aguachile made with raw shrimp.

Alambres 15-17

Grilled meat or shrimp, with peppers, bacon, onions and melted Chihuahua cheese, served with corn tortillas.

Arroz con Chorizo 5

Sauteed rice with grilled in-housemade chorizo.

Arroz con Frijoles 5

Rice and beans.

Caldo de camarón 6

Spicy shrimp broth soup, a classic for mercado, cantinas and hangover specialist.

Cebollitas 5

From our Michelin review: “fat scallions grilled until blistered, tender and sweet”.

Ceviche 11

Catch of the day, fresh made ceviche marinated in lime-citrus.

Clasico Chile Relleno de Queso 14

Fire roasted large poblano peppers, egg coated and stuffed wirh Chihuahua cheese simmered in a spicy tomato sauce, served with rice and soft corn tortillas.

Elote Asado 5

Fire grilled corn, lime, piquin pepper, cheese and mexican mayo. Classic, traditional yummy. (10-15 min to grill)

Chiquidracula 10

Agua de jamaica (hibiscous tea) infused with anise, mezcal Union

Cuba Libre 9

Brugal añejo rum and Mexican Coca-cola, also campechanas available.

Cubetazo de 5 chelas 25

Beers on a budget, classic cantina style, 5 beers on a bucket with ice at your table.

Ecoloco 9

Mezcal Union, Campari, sweet Vermouth, hand squeezed OJ infused with habanero, rocks.

Hugo Sanchez 9

Tequila, rocks, dash of Kahlua and fresh horchata agua fresca, cinnamon.

Michelada 8

Fresh lime juice, two house made spicy salsas and a tamarind stick, on your choice of beer.

Palomas 8

Pure Avage Tequila Herradura, Squirt (grapefruit soda) squeezed lime juice, salt.

La Mezcalina 8-15

Mezcal Union in a margarita

Margarita Clasica 7-14

Squeezed lime juice, 100% Agave Tequila Herradura, and Grand Marnier.

Margarita de Guayaba 7-14

Slightly spicy Margarita, pink guava juice, fresh lime juice, and 100% pure agave tequila.

Margarita de Jamaica 7-14

Tangy, dry, interesting Margarita, house brewed hibiscous, fresh lime juice, Cointreau double organic bitters.

Margarita de Tamarindo 7-14

Sweet & spicy Margarita, tamarind nectar, fresh lime juice, special sauce and tequila. A grown up spicy candy treat!

Fidencio 11
Meteoro 11
Mezcal Union 8
Montelobos 10
Seasonal Mezcal M/P
Siete Misterios 9
Asada 3,50

Fresh cut, grilled skirt steak cubes (med rare).

Camarón al mojo de Ajo 3,50

Grilled garlic shrimp taco.

Camaron rebozado 3,50

Double breaded tiger shrimp, a dab of refried black beans, lettuce, chipotle sauce.

Carne enchilada 3,50

In-house spiced, aged and marinated pork, spicy avocado sauce on a side .

Carnitas 3.50

Carnitas in Mexico is a Restaurant by its own, with several different choices of pieces and cuts, here we bring you our favorites…

  • Macíza (Pork)
  • Cachete (Cheek)
  • Pato (Duck Confit)
  • Cuero (Soft Skin)
  • Lengua (amazing beef tongue taco, delicatessen)


Cecina 3,50

Grilled salt-dry-aged thin beef topped with a slice of avocado.

Chorizo en papas 3,50

House made chorizo from scratch with roated potatoes.

Chuleta en adobo 3,50

Hormone-free pork lion marinated in adobo sauce with smoked peppers sauce.

Costilla 8

Hand-cut black angus Rib-Eye steak, tomatillo sauce (2 tacos).

Corazón 9
Corralejo 9
Cuervo Tradicional 9
Don Julio Añejo 12
Herradura Blanco 8
Herradura Reposado 10
Herradura Selección Suprema 26
Milagro 9

A real Cerveceria!

Cervecerias are local eateries, bar, restaurant and cantina all at the same time, a place meant to share food, relax, drink and enjoy casual with friends.

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